Photography is my way of telling stories so that you can look back on the images and remember what you felt during that moment.

Sitting on the photojournalist side of the fence, I love watching and documenting your day. I draw inspiration from the laughter, the characters and the love from all of your closest relationships that surround you.

I shoot lots of candids, capturing moments which you were probably too busy to notice, the un-seen glances, the details and the emotions that construct your day.

I’d love to meet with you to discuss your day and explore how we may collaborate to capture your best selves, naturally and authentically.




1. Can you guarantee we will get beautiful photos like the ones we’ve seen?

That’s where experience comes in. The essence of the day will be captured in its purest form, in the best light possible, and with the best camera gear. I like to work as a witness, not a director, but I will provide some gentle guidance when required.

2. How do you deal with unexpected things?

Don’t worry. No matter where you are, rain or snow, experienced wedding photographers are experts in making it work. I come prepared with more gear than I need, using multiple cameras that perform duplicate backups the second my camera goes click.

3. My Mum wants a family group shot for the mantle. What are your thoughts?

I know how important group family photos can be to your loved ones. It’s wonderful for family to have this memory taken by a professional photographer. I am totally at ease with whatever you need us to shoot and we can discuss how to allocate enough time to make sure everything runs smoothly and easily on your day.

4. How many images will I get?

You can expect around 100 images per hour. They are supplied in an online gallery in full resolution for easy download and sharing with friends and family. You own your images. You can print them poster size if you wish. My clients also enjoy being able to send their guests a link to download the photos.

Have a question? I’d love to hear from you

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I love capturing the most natural, candid portraiture possible. The photojournalist approach showcases your day as it was.

While I shoot the majority of images this way, it’s also very important to capture traditional formal portraits as well. These group shots are best immediately when everyone is ready and fresh, right before the ceremony, or right after; and since my most important goal is that everyone enjoys themselves, I allow 2-3 minutes for each desired grouping to ensure maximum results with minimal time.

Because I prefer to keep the number of groups to ten or less for more intimate group shots, I always start with the largest group and break it down after that to allow for mingling.

I’m excited to share my tips and tricks for getting all the shots you want, whilst still making sure you enjoy your day


So many couples are requesting me to document their connection in this way. It’s a wonderful exploration of the connection you share and your lives together

It’s also great because it allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera, figuring out how you work best together before the wedding. Also, you can just be yourselves in a more casual setting while capturing some moments for wall portraits, wedding sign-in book, save the date or invitations.

Your wedding day is spent sharing and celebrating with loved ones, so this portrait shoot is more about you guys (also a great time to be joined by any pets that cannot make it on the day).

The shoot fee for the session is $750; which includes a brainstorming concept session, up to 1.5 hours of photography on location, my editing of images as well as the high resolution digital files from your session.

If you combine a portrait session with a wedding package, it is a flat rate of $500.