THE FARM CAFE WEDDING | Alex and Cameron Abbotsford, Melbourne

About The Bride And Groom

One and a half years ago Alex had one request for me: "I don't want a wedding-wedding and I don't want a wedding photographer. I am having a festival of love, laughs and I want my guests to enjoy themselves. Can you capture THAT?"

The first thing Alex and Cameron thought of when planning their wedding was what they had missed at others' weddings they attended; getting a drink whenever they wanted, not having to stand around awkwardly with people they hadn't met before and not having a 4 hour break when the couple took photos between the ceremony and reception.
Why invite all these guests if you can’t hang out with them? Alex and Cameron decided to do the opposite.
Alex mapped out the end to end wedding experience; from the drinks to the live music, the games on arrival, the ceremony by the kickass celebrant Dee Brinsmead, followed up by a bucking bull photo competition, the reception in the beautiful Farm Cafe and the best DJ in town, DJWhiskeyHouston.

What an amazing team this was, and now it's been featured on Hello May.

About The Wedding Vendors

Event styling, floristry and design: Tori Allen Events

Event venue, catering and furniture: The farm cafe and weddings

Transport: Kombi Celebrations

Makeup: Skye Isabella Makeup Artist

Hair Stylist: Elisa Clark Makeup Artist

Celebrant: Marry Me Dee

DJ: DJ Whiskey Houston

The Farm Cafe Wedding Protographs

Alex getting her hair done for THE FARM CAFE WEDDING Abbotsford, Melbourne wedding_photography_melbourne_0007 Cameron with his groomsmen at THE FARM CAFE WEDDING Abbotsford, MelbourneCameron having a drink before THE FARM CAFE WEDDING Abbotsford, Melbourne wedding_photography_melbourne_0013 Cameron and his groomsmen before THE FARM CAFE WEDDING Abbotsford, Melbourne guests at THE FARM CAFE WEDDING Abbotsford, Melbourne wedding_photography_melbourne_0016 guests at THE FARM CAFE WEDDING Abbotsford, Melbourne THE FARM CAFE WEDDING Abbotsford, Melbourne wedding_photography_melbourne_0020 wedding_photography_melbourne_0023 wedding_photography_melbourne_0024 wedding_photography_melbourne_0025wedding_photography_melbourne_0026 wedding_photography_melbourne_0027 wedding_photography_melbourne_0030 wedding_photography_melbourne_0031 wedding_photography_melbourne_0032 wedding_photography_melbourne_0033 wedding_photography_melbourne_0035 wedding_photography_melbourne_0037 wedding_photography_melbourne_0040 wedding_photography_melbourne_0041 wedding_photography_melbourne_0042 wedding_photography_melbourne_0043 wedding_photography_melbourne_0044 wedding_photography_melbourne_0045 wedding_photography_melbourne_0047 wedding_photography_melbourne_0049 wedding_photography_melbourne_0050 wedding_photography_melbourne_0052 wedding_photography_melbourne_0053 wedding_photography_melbourne_0056 wedding_photography_melbourne_0057 wedding_photography_melbourne_0058 wedding_photography_melbourne_0062 wedding_photography_melbourne_0064 wedding_photography_melbourne_0065 wedding_photography_melbourne_0071 wedding_photography_melbourne_0073 wedding_photography_melbourne_0074 wedding_photography_melbourne_0075 wedding_photography_melbourne_0076 wedding_photography_melbourne_0077 wedding_photography_melbourne_0079 wedding_photography_melbourne_0083 wedding_photography_melbourne_0084 wedding_photography_melbourne_0085 wedding_photography_melbourne_0087 wedding_photography_melbourne_0089 wedding_photography_melbourne_0092 wedding_photography_melbourne_0093 wedding_photography_melbourne_0096 wedding_photography_melbourne_0097 wedding_photography_melbourne_0098 wedding_photography_melbourne_0100 wedding_photography_melbourne_0101 wedding_photography_melbourne_0102 wedding_photography_melbourne_0103 wedding_photography_melbourne_0104 wedding_photography_melbourne_0107 wedding_photography_melbourne_0108 wedding_photography_melbourne_0109 wedding_photography_melbourne_0112 wedding_photography_melbourne_0113 wedding_photography_melbourne_0115 wedding_photography_melbourne_0116 wedding_photography_melbourne_0117 wedding_photography_melbourne_0121 wedding_photography_melbourne_0124 wedding_photography_melbourne_0127 wedding_photography_melbourne_0128 wedding_photography_melbourne_0131

Bridal gowns vintage (ceremony) and Lost and Found Market (reception and dancing) // Shoes Midas and Mollini // Accessories Browns Jewellers and Shag Melbourne // Hair Elisa Clark // Makeup Sky Isabella // Rings Grew & Co// Bridesmaid dresses Zimmerman // Jacket, groom and groomsmen shirt, groomsmen pants and suspenders Clemente Talarico // Pants Country Road // Tie / Bow tie Gentleman and Scholar// Shoes Florsheim // Groomsmen gifts Alexanders Cigar Merchants // Florist Tori Allen Events// Stationery Sophie Blackhall Cain // Printer TDC3 // Ceremony and reception Collingwood Children’s Farm, VIC // Catering The Farm Café // Cake Sticky Fingers Bakery // Decorative elements Chapel St BazaarCostcoBunningsLincraftTypoRed Hill LavenderThe Remnant WarehouseCostume BoxCap GunsBig W and Michaels // Wedding favours Candle SupplyJust Jars and eBay // Sound hire and entertainment DJ Whiskey Houston // Entertainment Bucking Bull and Matt Katsis // Celebrant Marry Me Dee // Transport Kombi Celebrations.



Today I moseyed around Daylesford in preparation for an upcoming wedding.


Lastly, I jumped a fence and discovered this. Is this the field that inspired Sting to write Fields of Gold? I checked...


The musician Sting is the author of the song Fields Of Gold and he was inspired to write the song after he purchased a house near a barley field. The sunsets and the colours of the field offered an inspiration for Sting to write the lyrics of the song and the main theme of the song is commitment.

Commitment!? Wedding photography!? Coincidence!? I think not

I can't imaging how beautiful a gown would look illuminated in this field.

I am in love with Daylesford wedding locations!!

Kids at weddings

Fast forward to sometime in 2023: "Do you remember that wedding where we ran around with cardboard boxes on our heads?"

"Yes.. that was the best day ever" 

This is what I'm referring to when I tell clients there's going to be a lot going on at weddings besides the obvious ..

20 seconds later..

Do what you love

I took this quote extremely seriously when Steve Jobs died, and it's flat out changed my life. #newstudio #newlogo #newmuse

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Thank you Steve!

If any brides would like to meet me in my beautiful studio in Prahan, Melbourne to discuss matters of the heart, and/or their wedding photography , please let me know. If you book my top package then I will lend it to you for the night and you could have hens party in there, or a romantic wedding night or anniversary as it has a fold down bed (that's me lying on it)... It's a beautiful space!